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Conan Dalton, founder, coder in chief code-tags

Scolana was designed and developed for Living School when my son started his education at this school. The school team was overwhelmed by the number of parents looking for the best for their child. Administrative tasks limited the time available for creativity and imagination in pedagogy.

As a developer, I proposed to create a website to simplify registration management. A site to increase productivity and at the same time reduce the workload. It quickly became clear that the solution would have to be generalized – in 2011 many schools were still managing their registrations by paper – a long, cumbersome, and error-prone process – even though, in 2011, we are supposed to be in the future !!!

I left my job (in a banking institution) to focus exclusively on the development of this product. Personally, I was looking for an activity aligned with my moral values, but nevertheless remunerative: the “right profession” according to the Buddhists. Scolana represents this activity for me. Schools that manage to devote more time and energy to each child, thanks to Scolana, are the sources of my energy and motivation.

Stéphane Dubois, Front-end & UI xml

Stéphane was born in France and graduated with a diploma in Business. While working for the French Electrotechnical Standard Body (UTE at the time, now AFNOR), he was offered the opportunity to become the webmaster and learned how to build web pages and became very good friend with the in house graphic designer who showed him the magical ways of Adobe Photoshop.

Stéphane moved to the USA in 2005 where he worked for several small contractors as a web designer with hands on with graphic frameworks as well as different programming languages.

Early 2021, Stéphane joined Softify where he helps incorporate clients’ website into Scolana’s CMS and revamp Scolana’s UI with a dash of customer support.

How Scolana was born ?

My name is Conan Dalton, I am the founder and developer of Scolana. After fifteen years of studying software development in Dublin, I found a job in Paris. I worked with multinationals on projects in France and abroad: projects on an industrial scale, short deadlines and considerable sums at stake. A job that paid well but in which I felt like I was losing myself. I wanted to use my skills and my know-how while remaining in line with my values: respect, exchange, team spirit and improving the daily lives of others.

My goal was to create good software to delight its users. In 2010, I volunteered and offered my services to improve admission procedures in the school my children were attending. The system I had developed, which was both practical and easy to use, was well received by the already overstretched administrative team. Staff could finally devote more time to teaching than to administrative tasks. The machine was running.

Then came word of mouth, and other schools contacted me. In 2012, this small project took the name of Scolana, a full-time job for schools located in Paris and elsewhere and which fully express their satisfaction. I take great pleasure in providing my customers with a tool that works and I am proud to have succeeded in developing software that simplifies your daily life, proud to now open up Scolana's skills to all kinds of establishments of training.

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