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Client billing management

Scolana operates a double-entry accounting system.

Invoices / credit notes / quotes

  • Create, view, edit, issue invoices and credit notes and quotes
  • Draft documents are not visible to client or accountant until issued
  • Default and per-line-item VAT rates
  • Create a new invoice from an existing invoice or quote
  • Create credit notes quickly based on an existing invoice
  • Analytic codes
  • Income accounts
  • Commentaires et fichiers joints


  • Online payments possible with Stripe integration
  • Register other kinds of payments: bank transfers, cheques, cash, paypal
  • Payments always registered against one or more corresponding invoices
  • Automatic cheque remittance slips, simplify bank reconciliation process
  • Register bounced cheques
  • Plan future payments
  • Reimbursements

Billing processes

  • Bulk invoice creation for all children in a class
  • Bulk invoice creation for participants in adult training
  • Manual invoice creation for non-standard or occasional items
  • Billing-automation plugin development possible
  • Lock invoices to prevent accidental modification
  • Unlock invoices to correct errors (Scolana retains the original invoice number and date to avoid accounting conflicts)

Direct debits

  • Create a monthly payment plan based on a percent of amounts due
  • Create a plan manually – date and amount
  • Download order file in SEPA XML format
  • Direct debits are automatically assigned to their invoices
  • Automated SEPA mandate creation (with client name and details, based on standard PDF template, automatic or manual reference number)
  • Create, manage, update client bank account details


  • Bill notifications – automatic email for newly-issued documents ; unpaid invoices
  • Payment plan available on invoice PDF, notification email, client extranet
  • Direct debit reminder notification for clients
  • Client extranet with access to invoices, quotes, planned payments, account history and balance

Supplier-side accounting

  • Invoices, credit-notes
  • Expense accounts
  • Link to class or courses to calculate profitability per activity


  • List all double-entry transactions
  • Export in excel format (for import into your accounting package)
  • Global ledger-lock to prevent conflicts with your accounting system
  • Manual transactions – for internal transfers and any operation not representable by any standard document

Configurable automatic numbering

  • for invoices, credit-notes, and quotes
  • for client accounts
  • for supplier accounts
  • for contracts

Client account tracking

  • list all transactions (invoices, payments, etc)
  • balance now, balance at a given date
  • export account list as excel

Spreadsheet exports available

  • Each export is available on the currently-selected set of items
  • list of transactions
  • list of accounts
  • list of invoices
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