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Scolana : your school management toolkit

It's harder to be an expert educator when you have to be an expert business administrator at the same time. Wouldn't it be great if you could focus on what really counts, and let the software handle the really, truly, boring bits?

What is Scolana exactly?

Scolana is a school management toolkit, allowing you to streamline a number of essential administrative processes.

Scolana primarily handles new registrations, billing, and communications. Use Scolana to establish definitive lists of children - classes, activities, and any other kind of group - and produce reports and documents for distribution among parents and teachers. Billing and payments data is securely and transparently shared with your accountant and with your clients - with appropriate confidentiality safeguards.

Scolana is 100% online, all you need is an internet connection and an up-to-date browser - you and your team can work from anywhere.

We take care of updates, backups, availability, reliability and guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data.

Scolana is bilingual - available right now in English and in French, and other languages on request.

More specifically:

  • Scolana provides a series of forms allowing parents register their family details and enrollment preferences directly in your database.
  • You build your class lists for the coming year from the pool of existing, renewing students and the pool of new applicants
  • Create groups of children for any purpose - all the children in a class, in an activity, with a particular skill, constraint, or ambition
  • Prepare invoices for an entire group of children in a single operation - whether it's enrollment, renewal, lunch, chess, sports, school, or any other kind of fees
  • Parents can access their profiles and keep their information up to date all by themselves
  • Parents can view their billing and payment information and understand why they still owe you money and where that cheque went
  • You can set up direct debits for each family and Scolana will provide the file containing direct-debit instructions for your bank.
  • Up-to-date lists of email addresses for each class at all times ; Scolana will even send email for you.
  • Scolana offers an integrated CMS for hosting your website
  • Export billing and payments data for import into your accounting system

Installing Scolana for your school:

  • We can import existing data if it is available in spreadsheet form (for example, excel or CSV)
  • Install logo, header, and footer for printed documents
  • Setup accounting configuration (account numbering, invoice numbering, revenue accounts)
  • Train your team
  • Walk through and adapt the admissions process (texts and options)
  • Setup classes and other groups

And the price?

The use of Scolana is billable annually, the price depends on the number of children, with the price per child falling as the number of children rises. Sample prices: for thirty children, 900 € per year; for sixty children, 1200 € per year; for 200 children, 2000 € per year. (All prices excluding VAT). Training, setup, and technical support are billed hourly. Updates, improvements, backups, and error corrections are included in the annual price.

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