Scolana takes care of your school,
so you can take care of your students

What is Scolana

Scolana automates work that can be automated ; simplifies and clarifies communication with your clients ; reduces the risk of errors and re-work ; and as a result gives you more time to focus on what’s really important : education.

Scolana is easy to use and 100% on-line, available in English and French (other languages on request), and adapts to your school, not the other way around.

Scolana allows you easily :

  • Manage enrollments and enrollment requests
  • Manage billing, payments, and direct debits
  • Create groups of contacts
  • Create your website
  • Create mailing lists
  • Export all of your data in various formats
  • Generate the documents you need from the data you have

And much more too !

Who uses Scolana?

Private schools (primary and secondary) and private pre-school establishments.

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